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Savonnerie Masterpiece: The Tribulation is the sequel to the first book: Savonnerie Masterpiece: The Commission. Savonnerie Masterpiece: The Tribulation continues as the now-recognized French masterpiece Norman Conquest of William the Conqueror is ceased from Chateau Briand on the River Loire by a very intelligent sea captain. A courier was sent to the cordelièrs club, informing the group that the masterpiece was rescued from counterrevolutionaries. Naturally, a payment is requested for the sea captains so-called bravery in ceasing the carpet from insurgents that killed HRM Pierre Bourbon! An arrangement for payment in exchange for the carpet would be made in the harbor of Bordeaux. Now, HRM Chey Louise Stephanie Bourbon is fleeing her beloved home and heritage in France. Her great uncle, duc Capet asked Baron John Conrad Hottinguer, who was Frances foremost banquer, to escort and assist his great niece to safety to Switzerland. When she fled France to Switzerland, her name is changed and her inherited wealth is overseen by a special appointee of the Bank of Switzerland by Hottinguer.

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